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Our success comes from the core and makes us who we are – a passionate and committed  team that works to consistently elevate our clients and the industry. We were born out of a desire to provide brands with the quality creative services they need in order to stay ahead. We believe in creating inspired solutions that are uniquely appropriate for each client we work with.

We have been building, brightening and promoting cannabis and hemp brands since 2014, and our creative team has the necessary skills and experience to benefit your company. Our approach involves developing custom-made integrated solutions that define the right messaging at the right time to help your business engage with the right audience.

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Jack of All Trades

Lena Johnson has been working with us since we first got started. As one of our veteran employees, Lena has made a huge impact to the business and has really become a part of the family. You won’t believe the results you’ll get when you work with this superstar. Lena has an extensive digital marketing background and deep strategic expertise, specializing in social media, web design & development and e-Commerce. She has worked extensively with small, medium and enterprise-level companies while retaining her hands-on skills and a “get-things-done” attitude, and understands both the challenges and opportunities in disruptive industries and what it takes for a business to succeed online.

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Master Copywriter

Drew Carlyle is a creative magician. A social media and event expert with extensive knowledge and network within the cannabis industry, Drew is the heartbeat of our team, a ferocious social media user and event marketing professional with deep knowledge of the marketing industry and a passion for delivering great results for each of our clients across the entire creative design and marketing spectrum. Delivering excellent work to clients means we need a team player who understands client needs and knows how to turn it into marketing gold. That’s Drew Carlyle all over.

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Marketing Director and Founder

A creative designer, with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, Razia has 16+ years of experience in art, branding, and creative packaging. Helping many companies win packaging design awards throughout California and Oregon.


Our Founder is exceptionally skilled at conceptualizing and transforming two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional objects. She has designed+manufactured packaging and retail displays for over 70 companies, 12 of which won awards.

She is an authentic and seasoned professional designer and insists on excellence for all our clients. In an industry that’s constantly changing, she is an anchor of knowledge and experience. She will be your beacon in propelling your business forward.

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