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Consulting and Analytics

We offer a broad range of Consulting and Analytics services to help your business. Those of us who know the industry also recognize that it’s still in its infancy in many ways. That means that change is constant, whether it’s changing regulations, shifts in customer expectations or a constantly evolving competitive landscape. Especially when change is inevitable, a reliable and professional team of marketing experts is essential. When the environment is changing around them, smart companies look for consistency in how they conduct and manage their business. Our consulting and analytics services help you navigate an ever-changing marketing landscape while helping you determine the right direction for your brand and company.

Let us know how we can answer your questions and help market and define your brand with our consulting and analytics services.

Ask us how we can take your consulting and analytics activities to the next level.




If you ask ten people for a definition of “Strategy”, you’ll most likely get ten different answers. We like to keep our definition simple – crafting a strategy is simply about making a choice. How you make that choice is where things get interesting, and a great marketing strategy looks at a number of factors that can influence that choice – what are your strengths and weaknesses, how is the competition positioned, what opportunities can be uncovered, what challenges will we face etc. Strategy is very much like designing and putting a puzzle together at the same time – exciting, rewarding and challenging, all at the same time. We love it, and love to help our clients to reach their strategic goals.



We don’t need to tell you that your customers are different from each other – and understanding their needs, wants and habits is an essential part of any good marketing strategy. A customer may want to see different types of messages depending on who they are, where they live, what their habits are etc. We can help you identify  the  types of customers you trying to reach and how best to reach them, while presenting a consistent look and feel for your brand and your business.



You’ve implemented a great marketing strategy, your campaign is running smoothly and your products are flying off the shelves. Now what? Seeing and understanding the results of your marketing efforts is critical so that you can see what works, what doesn’t and uncover insights into how to tweak your marketing activities so you’ll be even more successful. We can make sure you have what you need to compile reports, see results in visual dashboards and analyze the data so you get the most for your marketing dollars.


Product Positions

One of the essential tools in your marketing toolkit is researching and tracking trends.  By analyzing the market and studying trends in the industry, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your current and potential customers and your product positioning. Armed with insights about your competitors, you’ll have the data and insights you need to make the right decisions at the right time.


Make the Best Business Decisions

Knowing your customer is the holy grail of all marketing activities, and it’s the foundation for making business decisions about how to serve them best. So gathering information about your customers is critical, who they are, how they shop, why they purchase and why they don’t…the information and data you have, as well as the insights you can derive is the cornerstone of every good marketing strategy. Securing that data and making sure you’re in compliance with regulatory requirements can also be challenging and complex, so we bring our significant technical expertise to the table to advise you on how to effectively manage your customer data.


Identify any Gaps

If you have a website or social media presence that’s been around for a number of years, it’s very likely that it doesn’t meet today’s standards for your customers. Is your site optimized for your industry? Is it responsive for mobile users? Is your shopping cart effective at driving customers? A digital audit is an analysis of your digital  footprint and is a great way to understand what’s working well as well as identify any gaps that can be turned into opportunities to drive more customers. Our audits act as a launchpad for refreshing existing websites or building new ones, providing you with invaluable data on your current situation and recommendations on how to move to the next level.


True Metrics

Data is critical to measuring the success of your marketing activities, so measuring those activities is essential and gathering relevant data is more important that having a lot of data. Choosing what metrics to measure is just as critical, and should be based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you select that will help drive business decisions. We are true data geeks, and think data is almost as good as chocolate – and occasionally even better.


Full Support

Whether you’re launching a website, building a social media presence across a number of networks or learning how to market yourself at trade shows, we’re happy to train and support you to the level that fits your needs. If you want to manage your digital marketing on your own after a period of time we’re more than happy to tailor a training program so you can be self-sufficient on your timetable. In fact, we prefer to coach our clients so they’re as self-sufficient as they want to be – it’s all part of how we do business to make sure we meet your needs.

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